Come See About Me

I started my artistic career as a guitarist in a Rock Band ... and the name of the band was "Nothing Lasts Forever" . 

It will be coincidence or destiny but after a few years the band broke up and since then I pay close attention when I have to choose a name for my shows.

To choose the title of my new show, I searched on google and I found a web site where you can find out which song was first in the charts the day you were born.

By entering my date of birth, I discovered that my song is: "Come See About Me".

By fate or coincidence is the perfect title for my show where I present my most incredible illusions and I talk about my life.

Talking of birth dates it is a great coincidence that my daughter was born the day of my birthday (but not the same day).

Let me explain better ... she was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 18, 2018 at 9:01 pm.

Because of the time zone, in Italy it was 00:01 of January 19, 2018, that is the day of my birthday.

I remember that at 21:01 on my phone (I was in Brazil in the delivery room of the hospital) have arrived many messages of good wishes ... in the picture on the side there is an image of the camera that has taken live birth and that my brother sent me from Italy.

As you can see in the upper right, at 12.18 am of  the day January 19, 2018 my daughter Manuela was in my arms.

The most beautiful gift I could receive for my birthday.

I created the poster of my show in which I inserted important meanings for me.

In the background on the right you see a large wet sphere on which hearts are drawn.

The sphere represents the maternal womb, the drops of water represent the effort and the emotions of childbirth.


Near my feet there is a smaller heart that represents my daughter who is now part of my life and my art and creativity.

My brand, close to the small heart, has a white and a black color and represents the duality of my life as an artist and as a father who blend in my art on the stage.

Under my feet the tables of the stage that throughout my life have supported me and given satisfaction as well my audience and followers represented by the icons of my social channels.

Discover the song first in the ranking the day you were born and see if by coincidence or destiny has a meaning for you.

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