Tour and available dates

Norwegian Sun


From December 7, 2018 to April 1, 2019


December 8th - December 18th

December 29th - January 13th

January 27th - February 10th

February 22nd - March 05th

Sunday 16 July - Cavallino (LE)


The best of Cripton Magic at "Casina Vernazza" Cavallino Lecce - Italy for CLUB MAGICO SALENTINO - IL CARRO

04 June - 04 July, 2017

Norwegian Jade - Nord Europe


Cripton The Mentalist and Elements

19th Nov - 15th May, 2017

​Norwegian Sun - South America

Cripton and Renata aboard the beautiful Norwegian SUN with the shows:


1) Illusions;

2) Ocean Magic


Italy from July to Sept. 2017

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